7.19.2015 | TI8


Location: Ashland, OR to Mt. Saint Helens
Breakfast: Huge free breakfast at the Bard’s Inn. Oatmeal, breakfast burrito, sausage
Morning Snack: Iced tea, some cheese popcorn
Lunch: Split a burrito at Qdoba. Diet Coke
Dinner: Chicken and dumplings, green salad, Iced tea. Ate at the 19-Mile House coming down the mountain from Mt. Saint Helens. Honestly, mixed reviews. The chicken and dumplings were legit, but everything else had a very packaged flavor to it, including the berry cobbler.
Dessert: Berry cobbler and lava cake at 19-Mile House. Both sucked. The lava cake really sucked. I mean, instead of being cooked to the point where it was still gooey, they just squirted Hershey’s syrup on top. The berry part of the cobbler was awesome, but the cobbler part was meh.

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