BBQ review – Dad’s Diner A Go Go

Dad’s Diner A Go Go. Anacortes, WA.
Shack in the parking lot of auto parts store. Limited menu, pork, brisket, burgers. Had the Carolina sandwich… pulled pork. It came on brioche bun that complemented the meat nicely. Not a lot of sauce, but good, tangy flavor. The slaw was a bit disappointing… listed as horseradish, but didn’t taste like anything special. Nothing wrong with it, though… would definitely come back.



6.26.2014 | TI8


Location: Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

LunchPork tacos from Pablitos. This place has amazing mexican food, including hand pressed tortillas. The smokey chipotle sauce is incredible.

Afternoon snack:  Chocolate chip cookie from Market Chef. Um… and some mint chip ice cream.

Dinner:  Pork tenderloin and BBQ chicken at Justin and Rita’s.

Dessert: Brownies with mint chip ice cream and hot fudge.

6.25.2014 | TI8


Location: Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Skipped

Morning Snack: Apple

LunchSandwich out at the Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Dinner: Quiche at Adam and Sharalyn’s

Dessert: Cookies

6.24.2014 | TI8


Location: Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Skipped

Morning Snack: Apple

LunchOooh… the Bulgogi Burger from Ernie’s Cafe at the Friday Harbor Airport. I’m sure this must offend some Southeast Asian purists, but it’s a damn good mess of chopped pork, pickled vegetables, and a tangy sauce on a bun. If you’ve got an airplane in the Pacific Northwest, this makes a great $100 hamburger.

Afternoon snack: Grape and Rootbeer shaved ice from The Sweet Retreat

Dinner: Sandwiches while out sailing with the Curtises

6.23.2014 | TI8


Location: Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Oatmeal and a fruit smoothie from The Bean. It’s funny: this place changed its name from The Naked Bean several years ago, but it never stuck in my head.

Lunch: Sandwich at the beach

Dinner:  Leftover pulled pork at Ivan’s

6.22.2014 | TI8


Location: Lopez island to Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Bacon. Also sausage. How great is camping?

Morning Snack:Ice cream. From Lopez Island Creamery.

LunchChicken-bacon-ranch sandwich from Lopez Village Market. This sandwich rocks! I’ve eaten this 3 times, and two of them changed my world. Take a breaded, fried chicken breast. Chop it up with some bacon. Add some white cheese (provolone, maybe)  and some ranch dressing. They offer it as a cold sandwich, a wrap, or a panini. Now,, of the 3 times I’ve been there, once this was listed as the special and I remembered it for a solid year. The next time I went back, I asked and the person seemed really puzzled and ended up making me something that I didn’t really need to eat. I tried again, a year later. Sadly, I got the run around as I tried to describe this heavenly concoction. Then someone in the back, presumably the proprietor of the deli shouted from the back “You want a chickenbaconranch?” and came out to take my order. It was worth the effort.

Afternoon snack: I had ice cream at 11:30 and a chicken bacon ranch sandwich at 1:00. No snack needed.

Dinner:  Leftover Pork Chili Verde.

Dessert: Leftover chocolate chip cookie.

6.21.2014 | TI8


Location: Spencer Spit, Lopez Island

Breakfast: Bacon.

LunchSandwich and hot dog on the beach at Watmough Bay

Afternoon snack: Chips and guacamole.

Dinner:  Pork Chili Verde

Dessert: S’mores. Plus strawberries and chocolate

6.20.2014 | TI8

Location: FHL -> Lopez island

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Lunch: the real thing! The real today beef and rocket from Market Chef. They seem to have changed the bread slightly in the past year, but the horse radish sauce is just as good. It was more liquid than I remember. Sadly, I was running so late for the ferry that I didn’t get to go in to chat… my most excellent friend, Ivan, realized I was about to miss the ferry and called to see what we wanted to eat.

Afternoon snack: port wine cheese on Ritz crackers. The taste of the ’70s

Dinner: cheeseburgers. With bacon and grilled onions.

Dessert: S’mores, of course. But then Val pulls out some strawberries and marshmallow fluff and kicked it up a notch.

6.19.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice. Good thing I bought some when we rolled off the ferry

LunchTurkey sandwich. Went to King’s market to buy some deli turkey… happened to notice that they had real, roasted turkey breast in the case… not lunchmeat style, but thick sliced. And $0.50 less a pound than the deli stuff. Made for a good sandwich.

Dinner:  Steak. Went to old friends’ house for a bbq. Picked up a pack of New York steaks at the market. Plus a few grilled veggies.

6.18.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Morning Snack: Ritz crackers and red cheese

LunchBurrito from Qdoba. Free guac is a great deal.

Dinner:  Chicken, bacon, brie and apple sandwich from Cask & Schooner. Really nice to be back in Friday Harbor to go to some of our very favorite places.

Dessert: Ice cream from the red ice cream place in Friday Harbor. Actually not a favorite place. They have such a fabulous location, right on the water, that it just breaks my heart they sell really crappy ice cream. Nothing bad, just lots of standard stuff from big dairies without much flavor. I much prefer to go across the street where the serve ice cream from a local creamery… fewer flavor choices, but better ice cream.