6.20.2014 | TI8

Location: FHL -> Lopez island

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Lunch: the real thing! The real today beef and rocket from Market Chef. They seem to have changed the bread slightly in the past year, but the horse radish sauce is just as good. It was more liquid than I remember. Sadly, I was running so late for the ferry that I didn’t get to go in to chat… my most excellent friend, Ivan, realized I was about to miss the ferry and called to see what we wanted to eat.

Afternoon snack: port wine cheese on Ritz crackers. The taste of the ’70s

Dinner: cheeseburgers. With bacon and grilled onions.

Dessert: S’mores, of course. But then Val pulls out some strawberries and marshmallow fluff and kicked it up a notch.

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