8.30.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Homemade granola, cranberry juice, 3 strawberries. A couple of warm days and we’re getting quite a few.

Morning Snack: Red cheese

LunchLeftover pizza

Afternoon snack:  Dutch chocolate chip ice cream from Fenton’s

Dinner:  Filet tips, green beens, potatoes, salad.

Dessert: Dense chocolate cake with ganache.

8.29.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, 2 strawberries. The patch is still holding strong, but for how much longer?

Morning snack: Cookies. Specifically some gooey chocolate awesome things Eve brought in. I would have preferred them for my afternoon snack, but had to move fast: they were gone by lunch.

LunchWent to Bissap Baobab, 381 15th St, Oakland, CA, for a co-worker’s farewell party. I had a chicken wrap thing, which was good, but everything everyone else had looked better. I also had fried plantains,which I didn’t need but were too good to stop eating. This place is worth a lunch wpid-wp-1409341458089.jpgwpid-wp-1409341058554.jpg

Afternoon snack:  There was a certain amount of leftover candy from leaving-co-worker’s drawer. 2 coke zeros. 

Dinner:  Pizza. With fresh tomatoes.

8.28.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, 2 strawberries

LunchLeftover rice and tomatoes. See, this is where Dishdigest earns its keep. Me: “how old is this tuperware full of leftover rice?” Suzanne: “I dunno. pretty old, why don’t you look it up on dishdigest?” Me: “Says it was last Thursday, that’s probably OK, right?” Suzanne: “Eliza, have you brushed your teeth?”

Afternoon snack:  Maybe a couple of snickers. Coke zero

Dinner: Pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil

Dessert: Experimental grape tart with marscarpone whipped cream. Freakin’ awesome. This time, she roasted the grapes and then reduced the juice with a little balsalmic vinegar to make a sauce…

8.27.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Cliff bar (early morning meeting)

LunchBurrito from Vallejos in Sacramento. One of those meals that just does an injury! This was the closest place to our meeting, and we got a recommendation from someone whose cousin owned it or something. Anyway, I ordered a carnitas burrito, and it shows up about the same size as a chinchila. I kid you not, this fucking thing would not have fit through a piece of 4″ PVC. I didn’t finish it, thank god, but it was still like a bomb went off. Sadly, except for the size, it was disappointing. The meat was beautifully cooked, but the flavor was bland.


Afternoon snack:  Frappucino. Not because I was hungry (like hell!) but because I was tired and had a long drive.

Dinner:  Leftover chicken

Dessert:  See’s candy

8.26.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, 1 strawberry

Morning Snack: There was this cake in the office…

LunchChicken & Hummus sandwich

Afternoon snack:  Little snickers bars. Coke zero

Dinner:  Chicken biryani

Dessert: See’s candy. First day of school, so we went and got a treat.

8.25.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, 1 strawberry. Getting thin out in the berry patch

LunchLeftover risotto

Afternoon snack:  Some candy. Coke zero.

Dinner:  Ramen with some garden veggies.

Dessert: More of the peppermint patty tart. Life is good.

8.24.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Custard filled chocolate doughnut from All Star Donuts

Morning Snack: A rib from T-rex BBQ in Berkleley. I happened to walk into a landscape supply store at just the right time.

LunchHot dog from Costco

Afternoon snack:  – safe to say, at this point in the day, I didn’t really need one

Dinner:  Corn-tomato-basil risotto. This is one of my favorite dishes of all time, and when the tomatoes are fresh and homegrown, it’s hard to pass up. The original recipe is from Joy of Cooking, but I’ve changed it over the years.

corn tomato basil risotto

Dessert: Experimental Peppermint Patty Tart. Plus some York Peppermint Patties and Junior Mints while shooting photos.

peppermint patty tart

8.23.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Eliza invented chocolate nib waffles. Let the world pause to write this day down in the annuls, ’cause they were damn good.

LunchTaco bar at friend’s wedding reception

Afternoon snack:  Cake, brownies, and cookies at same

Dinner:  Ahi, along with salad, avocado, egg, beans, bread.


Dessert: Princess cake.

wpid-20140823_192736.jpg wpid-20140823_193207.jpg

8.22.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, Cranberry juice, fresh strawberries

Lunch:  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Afternoon snack: Ho ho ho! I brought in the experimental peppermint patty tart. Through a heroic effort, I kept secret until 1:30. And there was much rejoicing. There was also a bunch of dark chocolate that other people had busted out to make up for their disappointment.


Dinner:  Pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil

Dessert: None. Can you believe that shit?

8.21.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, fresh strawberries. Bumper crop this morning

LunchTurkey cranberry sandwich from Fat Cat Cafe

Afternoon snack: Coke zero

Dinner:  RiceAndBeansAndZucchiniAndCheeseAndFreshTomatoesFromTheGarden. All run together like that. Yummy. I mean, way, way better than it looks. Homegrown tomatoes cover a multitude of sins. Hell, if I called it “risotto” it’d look fancy.

rice and beans mess with homegrown tomatoes

Dessert: Dear, sweet, god this will be the day, forever known as “The Day The York Tart Was Invented.” This started from a conversation at work. We wanted Junior Mints. Someone suggested I get my wife to make a Junior Mint cake. Twitter hilarity ensued. Tonight, she did it. Next week, she’ll write about it. For the moment, we have cake.

peppermint patty cake