8.27.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Cliff bar (early morning meeting)

LunchBurrito from Vallejos in Sacramento. One of those meals that just does an injury! This was the closest place to our meeting, and we got a recommendation from someone whose cousin owned it or something. Anyway, I ordered a carnitas burrito, and it shows up about the same size as a chinchila. I kid you not, this fucking thing would not have fit through a piece of 4″ PVC. I didn’t finish it, thank god, but it was still like a bomb went off. Sadly, except for the size, it was disappointing. The meat was beautifully cooked, but the flavor was bland.


Afternoon snack:  Frappucino. Not because I was hungry (like hell!) but because I was tired and had a long drive.

Dinner:  Leftover chicken

Dessert:  See’s candy

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