4.29.2020 | TI8

Wednesday I ate

Breakfast: Scone
Lunch: Tri tip sandwich with blue cheese, arugula, and horseradish. Amazing. Wish I’d had a ciabatta roll, but some Buffalo Bleu chips were good.
Afternoon snack: Scraps from the Swiss Roll cake for Eliza’s birthday. The buttercream was so good, and even better with ganache. Iced tea.
Dinner: Dumplings! Eliza’s favorite dinner
Dessert: More of that amazing Swiss Roll cake

4.28.2020 | TI8

Tuesday I ate

Breakfast: Scone
Lunch: Carnitas tacos. Took some of the pulled pork and fried it up. Added onions, cabbage, cheese, and pepper sauce. Amazing.
Afternoon snack: Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Iced tea.
Dinner: Tri Tip sous vide. Followed the APL recipe for seasoning, then cooked for 3 hours at 135F. Added honey glaze and put it on the hot grill, then used torch to caramelize the glaze. Totally awesome. Had with Rosemary sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Dessert: Midnight snack of Eliza’s mini birthday cake

4.27.2020 | TI8

Monday I ate

Breakfast: Granola and yogurt
Lunch: Leftover pulled pork sandwich
Afternoon snack: Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Iced tea
Dinner: Chicken Saltimbocca
Dessert: Honey candy Eliza made. Also strawberries with some leftover hot fudge

4.26.2020 | TI8

Sunday I ate

Breakfast: Lemon scone and the last of the H&D pears
Lunch: Oooh… went out for a burrito from Casa Latina. I’ve been craving a burrito for a while now. Split a chicken chili verde and it was soooo good.
Afternoon snack: Chocolate-peppermint milkshake from Palo Alto Cremery. Drove down to Palo Alto to pick up some toilet paper from Grandpa John (he gets to shop at Costco during senior hours)
Dinner: Leftover pulled pork sandwiches
Dessert: A Micky Bar. For some crazy reason, they were selling them at Berkeley Bowl last week. Supposedly a limited edition from Nestle. Not exactly as good as the real thing in the park, but pretty awesome.

All told, an amazing day of dishing.

4.25.2020 | TI8

Saturday I ate

Breakfast: made a fresh back of lemon scones
Lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Buffalo Bleu chips
Afternoon snack: chocolate chip shortbread cookies. I’ve yes
Dinner: pulled pork. Made a new batch with sous vide followed by smoke. It worked much better.. I put the smoke packet below the grate and got much more smoke flavor
Dessert: chocolate chip shortbread cookies

4.24.2020 | TI8

Friday I ate

Breakfast: none
Lunch: Leftover chicken and waffle
Afternoon snack: Went to Pete’s for a mocha whatever they are calling their shake thing these days. Used to be a Fredo. New name is dumber.
Dinner: Burritos. Rice, beans, and zucchini.
Dessert: Experimental chocolate chip shortbread cookies. Kind of trying to copy the ones from Acme Bakery.

4.23.2020 | TI8

Thursday I ate

Breakfast: Scone & Pear
Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Buffalo Bleu chips.
Afternoon snack: Chocolate chips. Iced tea
Dinner: Creamed chicken with Waffles. The original plan was Tessa’s desire to have “breakfast for dinner” and she had that. But honestly, I don’t love breakfast any time of the day, so the creamed chicken was much better. Also with asparagus and cranberry relish on the side. Delicious.

Dessert: None. WTF?

4.22.2020 | TI8

Wednesday I ate

Breakfast: Pear and lemon scone
Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich. Gruyere and blue cheese with salami. Buffalo Bleu chips
Afternoon snack: Chocolate chips. Iced tea
Dinner: Pulled pork, sweet potato rolls, coleslaw

4.21.2020 | TI8

Tuesday I ate

Breakfast: pear and scone
Lunch: leftover pulled pork.
Afternoon snack: cookies from Acme Bakery.
Dinner: leftover pulled-pork-pizza.
Dessert: FroYo (we realized that the yogurt place was open for take out during COVID-19)

4.20.2020 | TI8

Monday I ate

Breakfast: Pear and Lemon scone
Lunch: Pulled pork sandwich on sweet potato roll
Afternoon snack: Ghirardelli chocolate squares, iced tea
Dinner: Pulled pork pizza with bbq sauce. Green salad
Dessert: Jam hand pie with ice cream