The idea for Dish Digest evolved from our efforts to save time and energy by planning meals in advance.  Once a week, everyone in our family shared dinner ideas for the following week.  We’d narrow our choices down to seven recipes and record them on a pad of paper — one meal for each day of the week.

We tried to keep the list going on the same pad of paper so we could review our previous choices as we planned, but pretty soon, things got messy.  Finally, we decided to create a blog to keep track of our favorite meals.

Most food blogs strive to deliver gorgeous food photography and diligently tested recipes.   While we love blogs like that, Dish Digest is not one of them.   Rather than present crafted content, this blog features our real-time eating choices with links to recipes or sources when they are available.  Since we’re often scrambling to remember where we found the recipes for our favorite dishes, the time we’ll now save looking for them more should more than offset the effort it takes to record them here.

The two of us who pretend to be in charge at our house also write about food elsewhere, Suzanne at Flour Arrangements and Moose at Man Kitchen.

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