8.28.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, 2 strawberries

LunchLeftover rice and tomatoes. See, this is where Dishdigest earns its keep. Me: “how old is this tuperware full of leftover rice?” Suzanne: “I dunno. pretty old, why don’t you look it up on dishdigest?” Me: “Says it was last Thursday, that’s probably OK, right?” Suzanne: “Eliza, have you brushed your teeth?”

Afternoon snack:  Maybe a couple of snickers. Coke zero

Dinner: Pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil

Dessert: Experimental grape tart with marscarpone whipped cream. Freakin’ awesome. This time, she roasted the grapes and then reduced the juice with a little balsalmic vinegar to make a sauce…

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