8.21.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice, fresh strawberries. Bumper crop this morning

LunchTurkey cranberry sandwich from Fat Cat Cafe

Afternoon snack: Coke zero

Dinner:  RiceAndBeansAndZucchiniAndCheeseAndFreshTomatoesFromTheGarden. All run together like that. Yummy. I mean, way, way better than it looks. Homegrown tomatoes cover a multitude of sins. Hell, if I called it “risotto” it’d look fancy.

rice and beans mess with homegrown tomatoes

Dessert: Dear, sweet, god this will be the day, forever known as “The Day The York Tart Was Invented.” This started from a conversation at work. We wanted Junior Mints. Someone suggested I get my wife to make a Junior Mint cake. Twitter hilarity ensued. Tonight, she did it. Next week, she’ll write about it. For the moment, we have cake.

peppermint patty cake

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