7.20.2015 | TI8


Location: Kelso, WA -> Friday Harbor
Breakfast: A bacon and egg croissant from Starbucks. Astonishingly good, considering I don’t like that sort of thing. Orange juice
Lunch: Garlic chicken and rice from Thai Gusto in Everett. Happened to remember this place as we were driving in to town. Tessa claims to love Thai food, but by “Thai food” she means sticky rice. Not so much with the protein.
Afternoon snack: Java chip Frappuccino
Dinner: Hamburger and chicken and green salad and watermellon / blueberry salad with Justin and Rita. The hamburger was something called “Hamburger Bacon” which is ground beef cured like bacon added to normal ground beef. It makes quite a burger.
Dessert:  Peanut butter M&M brownies and Mint chip brownies

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