4.27.2020 | TI8

Monday I ate

Breakfast: Granola and yogurt
Lunch: Leftover pulled pork sandwich
Afternoon snack: Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Iced tea
Dinner: Chicken Saltimbocca
Dessert: Honey candy Eliza made. Also strawberries with some leftover hot fudge

4.24.2020 | TI8

Friday I ate

Breakfast: none
Lunch: Leftover chicken and waffle
Afternoon snack: Went to Pete’s for a mocha whatever they are calling their shake thing these days. Used to be a Fredo. New name is dumber.
Dinner: Burritos. Rice, beans, and zucchini.
Dessert: Experimental chocolate chip shortbread cookies. Kind of trying to copy the ones from Acme Bakery.

4.23.2020 | TI8

Thursday I ate

Breakfast: Scone & Pear
Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Buffalo Bleu chips.
Afternoon snack: Chocolate chips. Iced tea
Dinner: Creamed chicken with Waffles. The original plan was Tessa’s desire to have “breakfast for dinner” and she had that. But honestly, I don’t love breakfast any time of the day, so the creamed chicken was much better. Also with asparagus and cranberry relish on the side. Delicious.

Dessert: None. WTF?

6.2.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: English muffin with cream cheese and strawberries
Morning Snack: experimental Blueberry Muffins
Lunch: Little chicken and beef sandwiches at a conference. Also chocolate chip cookie
Afternoon snack: Coke zero
Dinner: Leftover enchiladas, rice and beans
Dessert: Ice cream (cookie dough and thin mint) with hot fudge

5.30.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: English muffin with cream cheese and strawberries
Morning Snack: A couple of Ritz crackers
Lunch: Split a cheeseburger, fries, and a Ceasar salad at MarketBar in the Ferry Building. Diet Coke
Afternoon snack: Java Chip Frappuccino
Dinner: Made chicken enchilladas with rice and beans

5.20.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: English muffin with cream cheese and strawberries
Morning Snack: Some cheddar cheese
Lunch: Buttermilk chicken sandwich with kale slaw at the cafe in the Haas school. Very tasty. Coke zero
Afternoon snack: Some random chocolate squares. Coke zero
Dinner: Pork tenderloin, pasta, and roasted carrots & celery
Dessert: Yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

5.15.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Hot tea
Morning Snack: Cheese and crackers
Lunch: Leftover chicken sandwich toasted with brie on a croissant.
Afternoon snack: Java chip Frappuccino (the end of the Frappy Hour weeks)
Dinner: Arugula pasta. Green salad.
Dessert: Eliza’s peanut butter cookies. As sandwiches, with ice cream and jelly

5.14.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Hot tea. English muffin with butter and jam
Morning Snack: Iced tea
Lunch: Leftover rice and beans
Afternoon snack: Coke zero. Brie and bread.
Dinner: Buttermilk chicken, roasted potatoes, asparagus, green salad.
Dessert: Apple pie and ice cream

5.9.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: English muffin with cream cheese and jelly
Lunch: Fried chicken sandwich on a sweet roll. Orzo salad. Cookies. (meeting food)
Afternoon snack: Coke zero. A piece of chocolate
Dinner: Buttermilk chicken. Pasta. Bruscetta. Amazing roasted carrots with honey.
Dessert: Leftover eclairs.

5.8.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Hot tea. English muffin with cream cheese and jelly. Berry smoothie.
Lunch: Chicken saltimbocca with rice, green beans, green salad. Eclairs.
Dinner: Spaghetti with meat sauce, green salad, bread and butter at Old Spaghetti Factory.