7.31.2015 | TI8


Location: Juneau, Alaska
Breakfast:  Oatmeal, bacon, sausage, some chicken with cheese and black beans thing, watermelon, grapes, orange juice
Lunch: tomato-balsamic soup and Mac&cheese (shared both) from The Rookery Cafe in downtown Juneau. Probably the best lunch on the trip, at least the soup.
Afternoon snack: soft pretzel with mustard, a brownie, and a chocolate chip cookie that Eliza baked in kids camp. Also, coke zero
Dinner: appetizer was duck prosciutto with tomatoes and mozzarella. Then a tomato soup, which was good. I also had part of someone else’s appetizers, which was like a chicken flatbread with red onion. Main course was a chicken breast
Dessert:  Mickey mouse bar

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