5.16.2020 | TI8

Sunday I ate

Breakfast: Yogurt, granola, and fresh blueberries. Yay spring!
Lunch: Leftover prosciutto chicken. Eaten cold standing at the fridge because I got so freakin’ hungry while at the lumberyard buying wood for a new garden bed.
Afternoon snack: Milkshake (raspberry truffle) from Palo Alto Creamery. Took a drive down to Palo Alto to help Grandpa John set up a new Alexa
Dinner: Amazing. We had to take a seat out of the car to haul a dresser to storage, so Eliza couldn’t join us. Instead, she made dinner. We had some ground beef and she made an amazing Korean bulgogi sort of thing. Along with rice, beautifully dolloped out with a scoop and garnished with sesame seeds.
Dessert: Eliza also made chocolate chip cookies!

Bears: The @greenhousebears are getting ready for rain. Borrowed the umbrellas and rain boots from some little fans down the street.

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