9.14.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Granola, cranberry juice
Morning Snack: Apple
Lunch: Leftover pizza
Afternoon snack: Diet pepsi. Also a random piece of the chocolate cake that was sitting in the student lounge where the soda machine lives
Dinner: Grilled buttermilk chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans, green salad. Brilliant idea today: the buttermilk chicken soaks in a bath of buttermilk, garlic and shallots. Normally, I just chuck this once the chicken is on the grill. Since we were low on garlic to roast with the potatoes, I strained the vegetables out of the marinade, rinsed them, and roasted them for 20 minutes. They were fabulous.
Dessert: Hot cocoa is honor of the first fall-feeling day. With frozen whipped cream blobs Suzanne was experimenting with.

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