8.15.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Hot tea
Morning Snack: Popovers with peanut butter
Lunch: Leftover noodle cake, half a ham sandwich, apple with peanut butter, carrots
Afternoon snack: Coke zero, half a pear, TJ’s peanut butter cups
Dinner: Grilled teriyaki chicken, a soy sauce-sesame noodle dish suzanne whipped up, corn on the cob. There was also a mango salsa that was supposed to go on the chicken, but didn’t go well with the noodles, which were pretty awesome
Dessert: Eliza whipped up some chocolate chip cookies to make ice cream sandwiches. She’s a real baker now. When she discovered that there was not much brown sugar, she didn’t even blanch. She just said “well, can’t we just add molasses to regular sugar?” Yes, you can baker girl. Then, when we were out of chocolate chips, that was a bit more stressful, but we ended up chopping up the bar of Guittard chocolate and all was well. The cookies lay pretty flat (maybe the molasses, maybe the fact that it was 85 F in the kitchen), but they were delicious.

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