6.22.2020 | TI8

Monday I ate

Breakfast: Yogurt & granola
Lunch: Leftover Zachary’s stuffed spinach and mushroom pizza
Afternoon snack: Iced tea. Some TJ’s peppermints
Dinner: Chicken enchiladas
Dessert: Chocolate milkshake! Tessa has been wanting to make the best chocolate shake ever and I think we’re close. It was worth it to whip up a batch of hot fudge, just to put these over the top.

450 g Dryers chocolate ice cream
150 g whole milk
some (~50g) hot fudge… it was almost too thick, but once it poured into the glass, it was perfect

Bears: The @greenhousebears still skating. It was such a great one, we hated to take it down

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