1.31.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Bismark (custard filled) from Johnny Doughnuts in San Rafael. Very good doughnut, with home-made pastry cream.
Lunch: Rice, beans, leftover taco meat, and cheese
Afternoon snack: Ice cream from 31 Flavors. I had peanut butter and chocolate. It wasn’t clear that Tessa had ever heard of Baskin Robbins, so we fixed that. Did you know that on the 31st of any month, Baskin Robins sells scoops of ice cream for $1.31? Neither did I, but it’s awesome. Also a Coke Zero.
Dinner: Went to Eliza’s violin recital, and they had an impressive spread of cheese and crackers and cookies, so we had a lot of those. Went home and opened a can of minnestrone soup from TJ’s

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