5.16.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Hot tea, french toast
Morning Snack: Iced tea
Lunch: Ham and hummus pita wrap with carrots and cucumber
Afternoon snack: Chocolate chips, coke zero
Dinner: Perhaps my best iteration yet of the blue cheese stuffed burgers. We used a different type of blue cheese, from Trader Joe’s, rather than from Costco, which have different melting strategies. But the best part was cooking them sous vide. This really works a treat for stuffed burgers. The patties are so thin, that on the grill, they distort the shape a lot and often leak cheese. In the sous vide at 136F, they were perfectly cooked. Add in a brioche bun from TJ’s, some corn on the cob, and oven baked potatoes and they were amazing.
sous vide stuffed burger
Dessert: An experimental cherry pie. It was OK, but too much booze (kirsch) gave it a weird sour flavor.

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