Corn and Tomato Risotto

Originally found this recipe in The Joy of Cooking and it quickly became a favorite. But then, what with one thing and another, it dropped out of the rotation. The ingredients here are pretty similar, but over time I’ve changed the order of operations and really sped things up.

One of my favorite risotto tips I got from my brother. He currently tests missiles or something else he can’t talk about, but once upon a time, he was a line cook in one of those really fancy restaurants at a resort with a celebrity chef’s name on the door. One day, cooking there, he was gently massaging the stock into the risotto 1/2 cup at a time the way everyone says you’re supposed to do, when a more experienced chef walked by. That guy laughed at him and said “watch this” then dumped all the stock in gave it a stir and told him to walk away. Sure enough, 15 or 20 minutes later, it tasted just the same. A bunch of stirring at the end gets the starch mixed in, but meanwhile, you’re free to prep the later ingredients instead of stuck at the stove. The one thing to watch out for is to make sure it doesn’t run out of liquid before it’s tender… the rice will burn and stick to the pan, and that’s no fun.

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