5.31.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Chocolate-Chocolate Chip pancakes from The Joy of Cooking. Except that I only added the egg yolks because I mis-read the recipe and had already thrown out the whites. Frankly, this whole separating eggs for breakfast food is bullshit. Seriously. Maybe it makes whatever you’re make a bit fluffier. Maybe it gets you props around America’s Test Kitchen. But for the rest of us, it gets an extra bowl or two dirty, it takes time, and it really doesn’t change the outcome much. I not only didn’t separate them, I threw the whites away, and the pancakes were pretty good.

LunchTurkey sandwich with salami and guacamole

Afternoon snack: More of that experimental doughnut thing

Dinner: Leftover pasta

Dessert: More of that experimental doughnut thing

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