5.15.2014 | TI8

Breakfast (I): Grapenuts with cranberry juice.

Breakfast (II): A cold doughnut from Doughnut Dolly. I don’t really know how this happened, I just walked into work and said “Here” and handed me a soft little white bag. Normally, of course, leftover doughnuts are just lame, but Doughnut Dolly are such great pastries that they don’t turn into a rigid mess after a day.

Lunch Turkey sandwich.

Afternoon snack:  Just a couple of Hershy’s kisses. And maybe a York or two. Coke Zero.

Dinner:   A delicious spaghetti bolognaise that Suzanne invented. Really sweet with lots of carrots along with the beef and sausage.

Dessert:  Leftover homemade vanilla ice cream. With some hot fudge. Um… after the kids went to bed because there really wasn’t enough for more than two servings. I feel slightly guilty about this.

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