5.10.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Forgot

Mid-morning snack: Birthday cake at another kid’s party. It was pretty good, but three different birthday treats right before lunch did put the whole stomach schedule out of whack!

Lunch Leftover pork tenderloin sandwich. With Jarlsberg cheese and a some jalapeno/cilantro hummus. Frankly, three great tastes better kept separate, but I was so damn hungry I thought I was on to something.

Afternoon snack:  Nothing. Well, there was one See’s candy, but that was just a free sample, so it didn’t really count.

Dinner: More leftover roasted maple-glazed pork tenderloin. This time with glazed carrots. We’d thrown out the sauce for the pork, but the glaze from the carrots was so sweet, it worked perfectly. Over rice, which was a bit dry, but would have been perfect with more carrot glaze.

Dessert:  Root beer floats. We didn’t mean to have dessert tonight, but Eliza had a friend over who had never had a root beer float… can you imagine? Then we ran out of vanilla ice cream and all we had was Caramel Peanut-butter-cup swirl. I decided that root beer floats with peanut butter ice cream is about as anti-European as it is possible to get. Frankly, they might have a point on this one. The actual peanut butter and root beer flavor was OK, but the chocolate shell of the peanut butter cup mixed with root beer was just flat-out weird.

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