4.27.2020 | TI8

Monday I ate

Breakfast: Granola and yogurt
Lunch: Leftover pulled pork sandwich
Afternoon snack: Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Iced tea
Dinner: Chicken Saltimbocca
Dessert: Honey candy Eliza made. Also strawberries with some leftover hot fudge

4.26.2020 | TI8

Sunday I ate

Breakfast: Lemon scone and the last of the H&D pears
Lunch: Oooh… went out for a burrito from Casa Latina. I’ve been craving a burrito for a while now. Split a chicken chili verde and it was soooo good.
Afternoon snack: Chocolate-peppermint milkshake from Palo Alto Cremery. Drove down to Palo Alto to pick up some toilet paper from Grandpa John (he gets to shop at Costco during senior hours)
Dinner: Leftover pulled pork sandwiches
Dessert: A Micky Bar. For some crazy reason, they were selling them at Berkeley Bowl last week. Supposedly a limited edition from Nestle. Not exactly as good as the real thing in the park, but pretty awesome.

All told, an amazing day of dishing.

4.22.2020 | TI8

Wednesday I ate

Breakfast: Pear and lemon scone
Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich. Gruyere and blue cheese with salami. Buffalo Bleu chips
Afternoon snack: Chocolate chips. Iced tea
Dinner: Pulled pork, sweet potato rolls, coleslaw

4.21.2020 | TI8

Tuesday I ate

Breakfast: pear and scone
Lunch: leftover pulled pork.
Afternoon snack: cookies from Acme Bakery.
Dinner: leftover pulled-pork-pizza.
Dessert: FroYo (we realized that the yogurt place was open for take out during COVID-19)

4.20.2020 | TI8

Monday I ate

Breakfast: Pear and Lemon scone
Lunch: Pulled pork sandwich on sweet potato roll
Afternoon snack: Ghirardelli chocolate squares, iced tea
Dinner: Pulled pork pizza with bbq sauce. Green salad
Dessert: Jam hand pie with ice cream

4.13.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Fruit smoothie and a blueberry muffin at Ralph’s in Downey
Morning Snack: Cheesy crackers in the car
Lunch: Pulled pork sandwich and fries at BBQ place, Bravo Farms in Kettleman City. Coke zero
Afternoon snack: Dried pineapple
Dinner: Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce. Rice. Broccoli. Green salad.

12.26.2015 | TI8


Lunch: Pulled pork sandwich at Husick’s General Store in Clarksburg. This place was really cool; looked like an awesome spot to sit and have a beer. The meat was good, though a touch dry. I tried a bite of the brisket, and it was great. Tasty sauce. Diet Pepsi
Afternoon snack: Diet coke
Dinner: Miscellaneous appetizers at SI reunion… some sports bar in Sacramento (Fieldhouse American Pub) quesadilla, fries, slider. Diet coke
Dessert: A peppermint brownie

10.18.2015 | TI8


Location: Yosemite Valley -> Home
Breakfast: Bacon & biscuits, this time with honey that we bought yesterday. It made a good thing even better. Also hot cocoa.
Morning Snack: Coke zero
Lunch: Stopped in Oakhurst at Alice’s BBQ. Really good brisket sandwich (loved the onion rings), but the pulled pork plate was even better. The corn bread was also great. Diet Coke
Dinner: Rice and green beans. Salad.
Dessert: A See’s candy

10.8.2015 | TI8


Location: Tampa, FL for BMES
Morning Snack: Booth candy
Lunch: Pulled pork and house-made potato chips from Holy Hog BBQ. Coke Zero.
Afternoon snack: More candy and cookies at conference
Dinner: Seriously crazy snacking at various university receptions at the conferencce… There was cheese, and crackers, and shrimp, and cuban sandwiches, and empanadas, and smoked meats, and artichoke-crab dip, and cupcakes, and diet pepsi, and holy shit, really?
Dessert: Not sure where dinner became dessert, but there was some of each.

7.21.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Granola with mango and blueberries. Hot tea
Lunch: Roast beef and rocket! The original, at market chef. So very happy. They also had the Buffalo Bleu kettle chips that they have speed selling in California. Diet coke
Afternoon snack: chocolate chip cookie from Market Chef. Coke zero
Dinner: potluck. There was crab, there was pulled pork, choeps and guacamole and potato salad, and other stuff, too. Coke zero
Dessert:  Abel’s birthday cake, homemade ice cream, a ton of chocolate chip cookie dough.