8.10.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Leftover waffles

LunchPizza at Gilroy Gardens. In all honesty, the pizza does not have much to recommend it, but in other respects, Gilroy Gardens is an amazing place. If you have kids between about 4-11, it’s a great day. Think of going to the fair, but without the whining for tickets. There is a water play area that is great on a hot day (i.e., most of them in Gilroy) so have them wear swim clothes. Eliza couldn’t believe that they just let her stay on the spinny Mushroom Swing ride as long as she wanted.

Afternoon snack: Popcorn

Dinner:  We had promised Eliza a burger, but then ate pizza for lunch. Truly, we thought we’d be home by dinner, but we were having such a good time at Gilroy Gardens that there was no way to make it home in time. Punched in “Burger” into Waze from on the road and selected one that wasn’t too far off the route. It brought up The Counter, which I”d just noticed in an airport last week. What we didn’t notice was that this one was at Santana Row, a fancy shopping mall. Nor did anyone realize what a zoo that would be on a Sunday evening. It turned out to be a 45 minute wait, but it was a gorgeous night. After 15 minutes of waiting, we finally got smart to the fact that we could order to go and sit at a lovely outdoor table to eat. The build your own burger is great. I highly recommend the fried onion strings, both as a side and on the burger. But it’s also a chance to experiment with stuff I wouldn’t normally put on a burger, like pineapple (not bad). Next time, I’ll go when it’s less crowded and check a few more boxes and see what I get.


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