5.6.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Forgot. Damn, that’s why I’m so hungry.

Lunch Fried chicken sandwich from Bittersweet Cafe. I’ve been eyeing this sandwich for weeks, but always forget about it when I’m hungry. It was good, but I’m not sure I’ll go back. The lemon-mayo was good, but it suffers from a problem that bugs me about lots of sandwich rolls — too much crust. Not that I object to crust (isn’t that where all the nutrients are?), but if it’s hard, then when you bite it, out squishes the fried chicken. So I’ll stick to Bittersweet for the world’s best hot chocolate.

Afternoon snack:  Chocolate-chip cookie from Bittersweet.

Dinner: Leftover chicken, pasta with pesto, zucchini moons with gorgonzola.

Dessert : Leftover birthday cake.

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