4.2.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Oatmeal with nibs and blueberries
Morning Snack: a mozarella ball
Lunch: Leftover meatloaf cake
Afternoon snack: Coke zero. A couple of pieces of easter candy
Dinner: Went to the new Mexican restaurant on Solano at San Pablo. So new that it doesn’t seem to have a name yet. Good burrito though.
Dessert: Frozen yogurt on the way home from Eliza’s play

1.18.2016 | TI8


Breakfast: Oatmeal with cocoa nibs and raspberries
Lunch: Went to Citra restaurant in Walnut Creek. They have pretty good skewers (I had beef) and salads and flatbread. It’s a little pricey for what it is, though… the girls always seem to leave hungry.
Afternoon snack: Junior mints, Coke zero (at movie)
Dinner: Made pizza, with cherries, roasted garlic, prosciutto, and blue + mozarella cheese
Dessert: Leftover grashopper chocolate cake

10.11.2015 | TI8


Location:  Miami to home
Morning Snack:  Breakfast sausage
Lunch: two cheeseburgers, fries, diet coke at the last restaurant before the everglades
Afternoon snack: mocha frappuccino, some peanuts and crackers on plane
Dinner: a croque monseur in the Phoenix airport

1.4.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: BBQ pulled pork sandwich at Buck’s in Woodside. The pork was in a sauce that was a bit sweeter than I like, but still OK. THe onion strings were awesome. Next time, I’d have the burger, which looked awesome.
Afternoon snack: Some mixed nuts
Dinner: Leftover pasta with leftover chicken and some pesto
Dessert: Leftover chocolate fondue on some berries.