8.8.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice and fresh strawberries. Have to enjoy this while it lasts, because the crop is running out.

LunchLeftover mac and cheese

Afternoon snack:  Hummus and pita chips. Also some Hershy’s kisses. And a Coke Zero.

Dinner:  Ramen

Dessert: Chocolate milk shake

8.6.2014 | TI8



LunchChicken ceasar salad from Carolyn’s Seaside Cafe. Fair, but not great. The service was slow (at the height of the lunch rush) so I had to get it to go. Which meant that the dressing came in a little cup, which means it ended up in blobs. Honestly, the reason I like salads at restaurants better than at home is that they are generally willing to get a big bowl dirty tossing the salad and dressing evenly.

Afternoon snack:  Frapucchino sort of thing.

Dinner:  Leftover tomato onion tart. This is one of my favorite things to eat in the world. Only problem is that it was a small piece.

8.5.2014 | TI8


Location: San Diego

Breakfast: Jamba juice.

LunchCarnitas buritto from Chipotle. I actually really like Chipotle, but I never can remember that I prefer the chicken to the pork. Maybe next time.

Dinner:   Grilled Romaine Salad at Karl Strauss Brewery. Honestly, I was skeptical of this one, but it turned out to be pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of warm lettuce, but the dressing was tasty, and the chicken with it was great.

Dessert:  I also had a brownie sundae, which was forgettable. It had great ice cream, but the brownie was bland and then they squirted canned whipped cream all over the top.

8.3.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice and fresh strawberries

LunchLeftover pizza

Afternoon snack: Kettle corn

Dinner:  Ceasar salad, fried chicken at Casa Orinda. This place has such an old-school feel, it’s incredible it still exists. I mean, there’s a moose head on the wall, plus a bunch of long horn cows. And waggon wheel chandeliers. Plus, if what you’re looking to eat was popular in the 50’s – 60’s (think steak or fried chicken), this place will do it with rare skill.

Dessert: Hot fudge sundae

8.2.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Doughnuts from Toot Sweet. First time here for doughnuts (though I think I’ve had cake from here). I would probably rate them as mediocre. They were out of the custard filled by 9:00. The saving grace, though, was the buttermilk doughnut with chocolate glaze. This was just a different take on the genre, and I loved it. Suzanne described it like a biscuit, deep fried and covered with chocolate.

LunchLeftover pizza

Afternoon snack:  Chips, salsa, watermellon, a ham sandwich, and some birthday cake with ice cream. Sweet jesus. Birthday parties are trouble!

Dinner:  Baked potato with leeks, tomato, cheese, and salsa.

Dessert: Popcorn (while watching movie)

7.31.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice and fresh strawberries

Morning Snack: Some sort of chocolate-currant roll thing. In a conference all day, I needed it.

LunchTurkey sandwich. Oh yeah, and a ham sandwich. Conference, again.

Afternoon snack:  Chocolate chip cookies. Are all day conferences great, or what?

Dinner:  Gorgonzolla zucchini pancakes. Soon to be on Flourarrangements

Dessert: Chocolate whiskey bundt cake

chocolate whiskey bundt cake

7.30.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice and fresh strawberries

LunchChicken guacamole sandwich

Afternoon snack:  Chocolate. We’ve been good around work at not buying candy, but some days, you just need some

Dinner:  Gorgonzolla zucchini pancakes. The garden is full of zucchini; time to get creative. (modified from Joy of Cooking)


Dessert: Chocolate whiskey bundt cake