1.20.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Granola, cranberry juice
Lunch: Leftover turkey pot pie
Afternoon snack: Dack chocolate peanut M&M’s, Coke Zero
Dinner: Ate at Renee’s Place. Spare ribs, orange chicken, broccoli beef. The orange chicken was the best.
Dessert: Milkshake and a beer at Grazie Burger in honor of Eliza’s play.

1.19.2015 | TI8


Lunch: Leftover turkey pot pie
Afternoon snack: Leftover peppermint brownies eaten out at the end of the Bay Bridge. Tessa’s first time doing that ride all by herself.
Dinner: Tacos. We were in the checkout line when we realized we forgot the taco seasoning. So we turned to that classic tome of Mexican cuisine: The Joy of Cooking. The taco recipe includes a can of tomato sauce, which seemed weird. At the end of the day, with the addition of a little extra chili powder, they were fantastic.
Dessert:  Flourarrangements lemon bars. The photo edition.

1.18.2015 | TI8


Lunch: Border burrito with chicken at Dos Coyotes. Always a favorite if we happen to be driving through Davis
Afternoon snack: Hummus with pita chips
Dinner: Pasta with pesto, salad, bread. At uncle Dan’s
Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies. Too many chocolate chip cookies.

1.17.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Pancakes. Tried mixing the batter with an electric whisk to make it pour better (for artistic reasons) but they ended up really rubbery.
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with hummus
Afternoon snack: chocolate chips, coke zero
Dinner: Turkey pot pie… with biscuits instead of crust.
Dessert: Eliza’s mint brownies

1.16.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice
Lunch: Leftover black bean soup
Afternoon snack: Hot cocoa from Bittersweet. Also Coke zero
Dinner: Pasta with sundried tomato pesto
Dessert: Some weird lemon tea cookies Suzanne was experimenting with. The cookies were OK, but the lemon slices made them soggy and slimy in the middle. And the lemon slices were a bit sour for my taste.

1.15.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice
Lunch: Leftover black bean soup
Afternoon snack: A few milky way darks, Coke zero.
Dinner: Another iteration of the pizza rolls. Tomato sauce and prosciutto. These were slightly smaller than before. Two of them was almost dinner. Had a salad to put it over the top.

1.14.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice. Plus a couple of strawberries. That’s right, it’s mid January, and I’m still getting the occasional strawberry out of the patch. Crazy.
Lunch: Turkey sandwich.
Afternoon snack: Milky way dark. The Halloween candy is starting to run low. Coke zero
Dinner: Black bean soup. Recipe was from Epicurious, and not particularly good… called for 3 cans of broth, which was clearly too much. Ended up pureeing another can of beans, which helped. Also added some Siracha sauce, which also helped.
Dessert: Coffee ice cream with some leftover ganache

1.13.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice
Morning Snack: Apple
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with leftover sauted onions on a leftover pizza-dough roll
Afternoon snack: Chocolate chip cookie from Aroma. Coke zero
Dinner: Rice and beans and cheese
Dessert: Ice cream on banana blondie.

1.12.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts, cranberry juice
Morning Snack: Apple
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with cranberry juice. Stupidly, I forgot to use the rolls Suzanne made last night. Hope they are still good tomorrow.
Afternoon snack: Coke zero
Dinner: Ramen
Dessert: Leftover banana bars, also took a bit of the ganache from the top of them that was in the fridge… heated it up and poured it over thin slices of ice cream. It worked really well, and reminded me of the fresh-dipped bars you used to be able to get in Haggen Daz stores.

1.11.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Pancakes with syrup and applesauce
Morning Snack: Pancake sandwiches with penuche frosting and chocolate chips. This was a spur-of-the-moment decision as there were some leftover pancakes just sitting there at the same time Suzanne decided that a batch of frosting wasn’t properly spreadable and decided to make another. These were fantastic.
pancake frosting sandwich
Lunch: Leftover pizza rolls
Afternoon snack: Hot cocoa. Coke zero.
Dinner: Burger stuffed with gorgonzolla, topped with saute’d onions and in a bun made from the pizza roll recipe. I tried something I’ve wanted to do for a while: cook the stuffed burgers sous vide. It was a successful experiment, but I should have charred them more at the end.
I also added some mozarella to try to bind the blue cheese, and that was wholly successful.
stuffed burger sous vide
Dessert: The photo version of the banana blondies with penuche frosting for Flourarrangements