Location: Home

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Morning Snack: Apple

LunchTurkey avocado sandwich

Afternoon snack:  Mini Twix candies with Dove dark chocolate squares

Dinner: Pork chili verde burrito from Picante in Berkeley. This place is great; sort of a cross between a sit down eatery and a taqueria. It has the advantage that the whole family can find something to eat here

Dessert: Ice cream

7.1.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Morning Snack: Donuts (new staff at work won everyone’s approval for sure!)

LunchBurrito (pork chili verde) from Xolo (1916 Telegraph Ave in Oakland). This was the best burrito I’ve had around here… the pork was well seasoned, although I might ask for it hotter next time. The flavors blended together really well. The carne al pastor tacos that other people had looked delicious  

Dinner:  Rice and beans

Dessert:  Double chocolate cookies

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Location: Friday Harbor -> Home

Breakfast: Chocolate croissant at Churchills while waiting for the ferry

LunchBBQ at Dad’s Diner A go-go. I’d noticed this food truck a few times passing through town, but this time the timing worked out. Check out my review.

Afternoon snack: Java chip frappucino at the airport

Dinner:  Raviolis once we got home.

6.28.2014 | TI8


Location: Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Lunch$100 hamburger at the Spruce Goose in Port Townsend. Beautiful flight with Adam.

Dinner:  Slice of pizza from Bakery San Juan. Eaten on the Western Explorer. While orca whales did amazing things around the boat. What a perfect last night to the trip.

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Dessert: Ice cream. From the Dr.’s Office.

BBQ review – Dad’s Diner A Go Go

Dad’s Diner A Go Go. Anacortes, WA.
Shack in the parking lot of auto parts store. Limited menu, pork, brisket, burgers. Had the Carolina sandwich… pulled pork. It came on brioche bun that complemented the meat nicely. Not a lot of sauce, but good, tangy flavor. The slaw was a bit disappointing… listed as horseradish, but didn’t taste like anything special. Nothing wrong with it, though… would definitely come back.



6.26.2014 | TI8


Location: Friday Harbor

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

LunchPork tacos from Pablitos. This place has amazing mexican food, including hand pressed tortillas. The smokey chipotle sauce is incredible.

Afternoon snack:  Chocolate chip cookie from Market Chef. Um… and some mint chip ice cream.

Dinner:  Pork tenderloin and BBQ chicken at Justin and Rita’s.

Dessert: Brownies with mint chip ice cream and hot fudge.