7.19.2015 | TI8


Location: Ashland, OR to Mt. Saint Helens
Breakfast: Huge free breakfast at the Bard’s Inn. Oatmeal, breakfast burrito, sausage
Morning Snack: Iced tea, some cheese popcorn
Lunch: Split a burrito at Qdoba. Diet Coke
Dinner: Chicken and dumplings, green salad, Iced tea. Ate at the 19-Mile House coming down the mountain from Mt. Saint Helens. Honestly, mixed reviews. The chicken and dumplings were legit, but everything else had a very packaged flavor to it, including the berry cobbler.
Dessert: Berry cobbler and lava cake at 19-Mile House. Both sucked. The lava cake really sucked. I mean, instead of being cooked to the point where it was still gooey, they just squirted Hershey’s syrup on top. The berry part of the cobbler was awesome, but the cobbler part was meh.

7.18.2015 | TI8


Location Albany to Ashland, OR
Breakfast: Raisin bran, cranberry juice
Lunch: Hot dog from Costco… start of our trip to WA
Afternoon snack: Buster bar! For some reason, I’ve been thinking about these for a while. Growing up, my elementary school had minimum days from time to time, and the only fast food within walking distance was Dairy Queen… so basically 100 kids would descend on the place. I don’t remember when we were allowed to walk there on our own and just get picked up in the back parking lot. I always had a Buster Bar, though I was probably the only one who liked them. For the uninitiated, I can describe them better by how it seems like they are made. Imagine a small paper cup, dump in some roasted, salted peanuts, mix in some hot fudge. Let it chill, then fill the cup about 2/3 of the way with vanilla ice cream (well, ice milk). Add another layer of fudge and peanuts, shove in a popsicle stick, chill, remove the paper cup and dip in a chocolate shell.
buster bar inside I haven’t had one in a long time, but every now and then in college I might stop at a Dairy Queen and pick one up. I was explaining them to the girls, and then around 3:00 today, decided Redding had to have a Dairy Queen. They’ve renamed it DQ, and they don’t have Buster Bars on the menu, but they have them if you ask.

Dinner: Went to Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland, OR. Had a great bacon bleu cheese burger. Fries were mediocre (steak style, which leaves a mushy center). Beer was good. Ceasar salad was good. Split both with Suzanne.

7.16.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Granola, cranberry juice
Lunch: Leftover pizza. My girls like cheese and olives, no sauce. It is not better cold.
Afternoon snack: A piece of sweet potato pie that my work colleagues saved for me. With ice cream. These people are awesome! Also, Coke Zero
Dinner: Chicken with spiced yogurt marinade (only made with buttermilk which was not as good). Yogurt sauce with mint topping. Green salad
Dessert: Black forest cake in honor of Ginny’s birthday

7.15.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Granola, cranberry juice
Morning Snack: Apple
Lunch: Leftover pork chop sandwich
Afternoon snack: Leftover chocolate peanut butter skillet cookie. Coke zero
Dinner: Pizza, antipasto, and ceasar salad from Tommaso’s in North Beach. One of Tim’s favorite pizza places. We rolled in there with a whole bunch of kids and took the center table and had a great time.
Dessert: Gelato from Naia in North Beach. I had a chocolate, peppermint patti, and strawberry chocolate combo. Awesome.

7.11.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Hot tea
Morning Snack: TJ’s fruit bar
Lunch: Pork tacos at the Cal Academy cafe… unfortunately, they were having kitchen issues and the tacos were cold
Afternoon snack: Froyo from As You Wish. Also a Slurpee from 7-11 because, you know, it’s July 11
Dinner: Taco party for Annette’s birthday. Oh, so much better than the lunch tacos
Dessert: A piece of birthday cake. Also a peach later on

7.10.2015 | TI8


Breakfast: Granola, cranberry juice
Lunch: Pork chili verde burrito from Cancun in Berkeley. This was serious burrito, and the salsa bar might be the best I’ve ever experienced. Offset, though, by the $11 price tag. Cheap eats it ain’t.
Afternoon snack: Chocolate. Coke Zero
Dinner: Pizza at a friend’s house
Dessert: Skillet cookie with ice cream.