5.26.2014 | TI8


(Memorial Day)

Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Lunch: Rubio’s. We had a mess in the kitchen already and had to go to the store. Not the best burrito in the world, but fills one up.

Dinner: Pulled pork, sweet potato rolls, coleslaw. Felt like old times. First BBQ of the year in the new backyard.

Dessert: Hand churned buttermilk strawberry ice cream. The recipe was from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Honestly, I was undewhelmed. The recipe called for a certain amount of berries, but then, it turns out, you weren’t supposed to add them all to the ingredients, they were just there to make the pan full while roasting. I have a lot of different sized pans, so that seemed weird. Soldiering on, I just dumped them all into the ice cream. True, it did harden up a lot, which is probably what she was trying to avoid. It still didn’t have a very intense strawberry flavor. I’d never make a buttermilk ice cream again, either; it does, indeed, give it an interesting flavor. In fact, it tastes a lot like Fro-yo. Which sort of tastes like not-as good as ice cream.

5.25.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Donut (from All Star Donuts). Also a Jamba juice because Tessa had a gift certificate she got from bike-to-school day. In which honor we rode our bikes there.

Lunch: Kinda still feeling the donuts, frankly.

Afternoon snack: A little hummus on bread. Donut still present and accounted for.

Dinner: Chicken ceasar salad from Pyramid brewery. Pretty decent salad. I also had Curve Ball cold conditioned ale, which is a perfect summer beer.

Dessert: Apple pie that Eliza made all by herself.

5.24.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Waffles. Eliza made them.

Lunch: Split a BBQ beef sandwich at Costco

Dinner: We picked up a flank steak at Costco. Sometimes, those tasters clue you in to something good!

Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies. The girls asked at just the right time and we decided to whip up a batch. Followed the King Arthur Flour recipe, which is my new favorite.

5.23.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Lunch: Turkey sandwich

Afternoon snack: Some mint M&M’s and those little Dove squares. Coke Zero

Dinner: Pho from some place in Berkeley that our friends brought to the park.

Dessert: Apricot pie. Long story. Some friend of Suzanne’s mom cans pie filling every year. It was pretty amazing.

5.22.2014 | TI8

Breakfast: Shredded Wheat and grapefruit juice.

Morning snack:  Raspberries.

Lunch Leftover pizza.

Afternoon snack:  Yogurt and raspberries.

Dinner:  Burrito from a taco truck at my kids’ back to school night.  Genius idea to have food trucks show up to feed busy families.


5.19.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Grapenuts with cranberry juice

Lunch: Roast turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce from the Fat Cat Cafe. Awesome find! It reminds me of this lunch counter called Karlen’s Deli that used to be in the liquor store near my lab. Fresh roast turkey, soft roll, nice proprietor. I’ll be back.

Dinner: Ramen soup

Dessert: Ice cream.

5.17.2014 | TI8


Breakfast: Forgot

Morning snack: Red Cheese.

Lunch: Chipotle

Afternoon snack: Frappuccino. I love these things. I try to eat them only while traveling, but technically, I was an hour from home, so maybe it counts?

Dinner: Open face beef brisket sandwich at Palo Alto Creamery. Plus a chocolate shake. Fantastic on both counts.

Dessert: Dear god, man! I had a Frappuccino and chocolate shake! What do you take me for?